Belong has a wide range of offers and deals available to your team from the start. These are here to supplement any offers that you currently supply to your people. If you have a couple, or even nothing at the moment, we've got your back with a selection that you can make the most of!

By default, none of the Belong supplied deals will be visible when your staff login to Belong. You will need to curate the offers using our Curate feature in order for them to be available. This is to allow you the opportunity to decide which of our deals are appropriate for your business!

Once logged in as an employer, click on the Manage button in the top right.

From there, you'll be brought to the Admin Dashboard. Hit the Curate option in the left hand menu.

You'll then be shown the Curate options. I'll explain the buttons below.

Display all - will show all the Belong supplied offers and deals available. Hide all will do the reverse.

Select all - will highlight all the current offers and deals that are shown on screen with a yellow border. Deselect all will do the reverse. You can also highlight the offers by clicking on them.

Display and hide - display will then set your current selection live and those offers and deals will then be displayed to your team. Hide will do the reverse.

Preview deal - will show you a full page view of the offer or deal for you to find out more information.

Once you have selected the deals and offers you wish to display to your team, they will show up on the main deals screen that your employees will see when they first login! Easy peasy!

If you need any further help, just drop us a line on, or hit the yellow chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of our website. Let's get Belonging!

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