We have a number of simple to understand pricing plans.   

If you want Belong as benefit and reward platform for your people, you'll probably want out Belong Platform Access plan.  

This plan costs $2 per month per employee (plus applicable taxes, prices in New Zealand dollars).   Your credit card is billed monthly.   

There is no minimum term, and no minimum number of employees to get started (although a minimum monthly charge of $19 applies).   

At no additional charge, you also get access to our Service Provider Starter Plan.  This allows you to promote your product or service to Belong users in other companies.

To see more information about the features you get, click here.   

If you are also looking for Group Life and Trauma insurance for your people, you should look at our Cornerstone Employee Cover product.   We will connect you with one of our Affiliated Financial Advisers, who will meet with you, explain the options to you, and give you a quote.  If you purchase Cornerstone Employee Cover, your people receive access to Belong at no additional charge.   Click here to talk to one of our Advisers and learn more about Cornerstone Employee Cover. 

If you would simply like to advertise your product or service on Belong to Belong users, have a look at our Service Provider plans,    Our Starter Plan is free, or choose our paid Pro Plan if you want to do direct selling on Belong.

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