No one likes it when you have problems accessing a system.   Most of our users have no issues accessing Belong, but here are a few things to check if you're experiencing problems.   If these don't sort your problem for you, please contact us at

Can't Login to Mobile Apps

Nov 26 2019 - We have a known issue affecting some users of our iOS and Android mobile apps.  The symptom - after submitting your password, the app stops.   We are working to resolve this issue - in the meantime, please access Belong with a web browser.    To do this, login at using the same user ID and password that you use in the Belong mobile app.

Supported Browsers

Belong currently supportss Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

Some users have reported issues trying to access Belong with Internet Explorer, and from other browsers we don't currently support.

If it's possible, please try accessing Belong with one of our supported browsers.   If it is not possible for you to use one of our supported browsers, please contact us at and we can discuss possible options for you.

Didn't receive Belong Invitation or Password Reset emails

When you are invited to access Belong by your employer, we send an Invitation email to the email address supplied to us by your employer.

If your employer tells you they've invited you to Belong, and to look out for an invitation e-mail, there are 2 probable reasons you didn't receive it:

  • The e-mail may have been automatically routed to your Spam folder in your e-mail inbox.   Belong Invitation and Password Reset e-mails are sent to you from
  • Your employer may have spelt your e-mail address incorrectly when they invited you to Belong

If there is nothing in your Spam folder, and your boss verifies that the e-mail address they used to invite you is correct, please contact us at and we will investigate.

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