What is Belong Shop?

Belong Shop is our special online store.    We have a great selection of premium quality products available for members to directly purchase in Belong.   We then ship the item directly to the purchaser.

Belong Shop items can be shipped anywhere in New Zealand.

How does it work?

Belong Shop items appear as offers in our app. Just filter by 'shopping' in the mobile app to see them! Belong Shop offers look like this:

Members purchase the Belong Shop item with their credit card.   

Our team then contacts the purchaser directly to get the shipping details for the item.   We then ship the item to the puchaser.

What if there is a problem?

Contact us at support@belong.nz with any issue relating to your Belong Shop purchase and delivery. Keep your voucher handy as we'll ask for the order number! 

If you have any questions once your purchase has arrived, you can call Emma on 09 913 3160!

What's different about Belong Shop and the offers from other places?

Belong Shop is the only offer provider on Belong that arranges direct shipment of the purchased item to you - right from within Belong.   It's maximum convenience!

Purchases or offers from our other service providers require you to redeem your Belong voucher with them before you receive your product or service.


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