Q: How do I know you won’t spam my staff with email?

A: No one likes getting a blizzard of e-mail that isn’t relevant to them. We are very careful about how often we communicate with Belong Members, and we fully comply with all anti-spam legislation. We periodically update Belong users with information about new features.  We also allow Belong Members to opt in or out of other Belong communication. We can also provide you with information about how often Belong communicates with your team.

Q: How do I know you won’t put offers from my competitors in front of my people? 

A: With Belong, you are in total control of which offers your team can see. You approve new offers through our Belong Admin portal – when you approve them, your team will be able to see them. We notify you when new offers are awaiting your review. 

Q: Belong seems like a great deal for my company. What’s the catch? How do you make money?

A: Belong is a great deal for your company! You can instantly enrich your employee benefits plan and improve employee engagement at very low cost. Plus, you can create Belong offers yourself, and increase your own business! Belong earns fees from Service Providers who put direct purchase offers on our platform. Belong also has a network of Belong Affiliated Financial Advisers, and earns fees from our financial services partners when Belong customers and Members choose to purchase financial services through Belong.  

Q: How can I find out which Service Providers offer deals through Belong?

A: Contact our Sales team (sales@belong.nz) for an overview of our current Service Providers.    If you’d like to know when new features are added, just sign up to our free Belong newsletter

Q: We’ve got a big team that is growing and changing a lot. I’m worried about the administrative hassle if keeping Belong up to date with all of our adds, moves and changes. How do you help with that?

A: Belong has direct integrations with several leading payroll providers. If your company uses one of these payroll providers, your Belong administration effort is nearly zero – any change that is made in your payroll system automatically flows through to Belong. If your company does not use one of these payroll providers, we offer tools and support to bulk-load your staff information into Belong, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Q: What happens if one of my team has a bad experience with a Belong Service Provider? 

A: Our Support team is available to help Members out with any queries a Member might have, including helping them resolve any problems they might have.  Email us at support@belong.nz

 Q: Can I add my company’s benefit package information to Belong? 

A: Yes, you can! Belong is a rich benefits administration platform, and because we’re cloud-based, you can access Belong anywhere, at any time. Add your company’s benefits information to Belong, and your team will see these company-provided benefits alongside offers that come from the Belong community. 

Q: We’re using Belong as an employee benefits platform for our team. My company would also like to create our own promotional offers, and put them out to the Belong community. Can we do that?

A: Yes, you can! Customer offer publishing is one of the most awesome features of Belong. So you not only get a great benefits platform for your staff – you also get a new sales promotion channel for your business!

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