Make your deal compelling

You’re competing for attention, so make your deal a great one! Remember that you are in total control of how many voucher downloads can happen for each deal – so you can have an attention-grabbing deal but limit the number of people who can take it up.

Think about how long you want your promotion to run

You’ll be redeeming most of your deals near the beginning and near the end of your deal period. 30 to 60 days is a good deal length. 

Keep it short and snappy – the title should sell the deal

A Belong Member will decide in a few seconds if a deal is appealing to them. Get to the point of your deal quickly. A compelling and clear title deal (eg ‘50% off housewares in July’) shouldn’t need a lot of additional explanation. 

Be clear what’s in and what’s out

If you need to restrict your deal in any way, make sure you say so (eg ‘cannot be combined with other deals or discounts’).
Don’t risk making your first experience with your new customer a bad one because your deal conditions aren’t clear. 

If you’re going to use images, make sure they’re good

A good image can really help get the attention of a Belong member,and draw their attention towards what you have to deal. However, a poor image can have the opposite effect. We’re happy to give you advice about images you are considering using them in your deals. 

Check for spelling issues and clarity of the description 

Our Belong team has years of experience in writing deals that are appealing. We’ll be happy to give you tips to make your deal Belong! 

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