Smile, and assure your customer that you both Belong!

The customer probably hasn’t dealt with you before, so they might be unsure that you’ll honour their Belong voucher. Smile, point to your Belong point of sale material, and let them know that yes, you both Belong! 

Quickly Check that the voucher is still valid

Every Belong voucher has a start and end date on it. Take a quick look, and make sure that the voucher hasn’t expired.This saves possible embarrassment for the customer.
Pro tip – The Belong Merchant app gives you the power to accept and redeem an expired voucher! So you have the chance to look like a hero – not only have you saved the customer from embarrassment – you’ve done them a favour! It’s the kind of great customer experience they’ll remember you for. 

Treat the customer like the valuable treasure they are

Even though the customer may be getting a discount with their Belong voucher, treat them as though they are paying full price. They are probably trying you for the first time – if you make them want to come back again you may have a customer for life! 

Use the Belong Merchant portal to look up and redeem the voucher

Redeeming the voucher in the Belong Merchant App is important. It means that vouchers can’t be used more than once. It also lets you see how your Belong deals are performing.Check out the Be Redeeming page for how.Pro tip – jot the total sale amount on the voucher – if you get busy and have to do the redemption later, the sale amount will be right there.

Thank the customer for their business using their name

Make your customer feel special – use their name – it’s on the voucher!
“Thanks for visiting us today Mr. Miller – hope to see you again” make them feel like they Belong! 

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