Your use of Belong vouchers is subject to the Terms of Service and other terms displayed on at the time you obtained the Belong Voucher. 

Here’s a summary of some of those terms 

  • Expiry Date: This voucher expires on the expiry date set out on the voucher.
  • Agent: Belong is an agent of the merchant supplying the goods or services under this voucher. Please contact the merchant to redeem your voucher, and for any after sales service, support or queries. 
  • One Time Use: The voucher can only be redeemed once. 
  • No Cash Back: If you redeem the voucher for less than the face value of the voucher, no change (i.e. the difference between the face value and the value of the goods and services that you redeemed the voucher for) will be given.  
  • No Resale: You cannot resell the voucher.  
  • No Reassignment:  This is your voucher – it cannot be given to someone else to use.  
  • No Combination: Unless permitted by the merchant, you cannot combine the voucher with any other vouchers, gift certificates or promotions. 
  • Responsibility: Belong is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen vouchers
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